The Queer Tango Book Project

The Queer Tango Book cover, copyright Birthe HavmøllerThe Queer Tango Project started as a book project: The Queer Tango Book – Ideas, Images and Inspiration in the 21st Century which is the first of its kind, a unique, international anthology of writings and artworks about Queer Tango from dancers, activists, academics, artist and others, some of whom are key figures in the Queer Tango movement.

Contributions range from personal experiences, to opinion pieces, to outright polemics, setting out what it can be, could be or should be. Above all, it captures and documents something of the spirit of Queer Tango with a view to stimulating further debate and social dancing. As contributors to The Queer Tango Book vividly demonstrate, the effects of some of the creative ideas originating within and supporting the LGBT community, are now felt beyond it, challenging, changing and enriching how the Argentinian tango is danced in the 21st century. The Queer Tango Book is awailable as a free ebook at

Since the publications of The Queer Tango Book the Queer Tango Project has grown to include a video blog, edited by me, The Queer Tango Conversation at Facebook and The Queer Tango Image Archive, a resource website with  pre-1995 queer tango images.