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© Birthe HavmøllerLand Art (1997 – 2002) is body of work, in which I explored the sculptural features in the landscape. The Land Art project followed my exhibition ‘Mytologiske landskaber’. I continued to work with different panorama formats aiming at bending the general assumption that photography is ‘objective’ by creating a series of virtual landscapes. In this series I focused on the textures of different objects as well as the sculptural shapes of the landscape. Like all the previous images these works were hand printed by myself at the darkrooms of the community art center HUSET in Aarhus.

© Birthe HavmøllerMytologiske landskaber / Mythological Landscapes, a solo exhibition at Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark, 1997. The exhibition featured a series of visual poems about the landscape and our spirituality. The works are timeless vertical friezes with silent landscapes, old ruins, and sacred places. Panoramas with stories about my inner landscapes. The friezes were mounted in white frames, and I think that they looked great on the white walls of the small exhibition space, which Gallery Image had back then in Toldbodgade near the harbour.

© Birthe HavmøllerJeg søgte imod muren (1994 – ) is an unfinished series of photos of English, Welsh, and Swedish castle ruins, mudstone floors, cobbled yards, details of old stone walls, etc. Many of the photos are taken from a view point, where one can’t see the horizon and as the title, ‘Jeg søgte imod muren’ / ‘I was drawn towards the wall’, suggests, these works are somewhat claustrophobic and present small confined spaces. The works of this series are small intimite fine art prints (size app. A4). I may integrate some of the images of this series in future works, as I think that the best of these images deserve to be seen.

Vand/ (water) was a site specific work of art, which I made for HUSET, a community art center in Aarhus, Denmark. It consisted of two friezes and some smal prints. It was mounted in the unisex toilet. From the windows of the first floor toilet at HUSET you were overlooking the river, Århus Å, and this visual connection to natural water outside as well as the running water in the building was my inspiration for this work. ‘Vand’ was displayed at HUSET (1994 – 96).

© Birthe HavmøllerMagi for øjnene / Wonders is a series of 25 images, which I made during a trip to north India in 1990. The trip was a pilgrimage, where I photographed a number of sacred sites. I was exploring the energy of the sites, going into the atmosphere of the place, while photographing the architecture of the old temples and mosques. I photographed fa number the temple gates, as they symbolize the tressholds of a sacred and magical world. I was also facinated by the Mogul prayer niche, which are a kind of ‘portal’, where one may turn one’s face towards Mecca, and connect with the divine / God / Allah.

Fiskerne i Orissa / The Fishermen in Orissa, 1990. While traveling in India I spent a week at Puri in Orissa, where I saw the fishermen returning with their meager catch. After they had sent off their fish to the market, I watched them washing their nets in the Bay of Bengal, and taking their solid timber boats apart to be carried up piece by piece by four men to dry on the beach. The tourists nicknamed the boats ‘banana peels’.

© Birthe HavmøllerDen romantiske natur / The romantic Nature (1989 – ). I felt an urge to go ‘back to Nature’ and explore the country side with my camera in 1989. A strong inclination to do my photography in open air with the shifting daylight as my only source of light. This way of working with my photography has remained with me for all these years. My first body of work featured a series of very romantic images taken at undestinct places in Denmark and England.