Other Projects

Feminine Moments – an international resource site and art blog about queer feminist artists and their art projects. I launched Feminine Moments in 2003. My aim is to create a strong platform for lesbian and queer feminist art.

The Queer Tango Project – started as a collaborative book project about Queer tango and tango with open roles. The Queer Tango Book was published as a free eBook in March 2015, since then the Queer Tango Project has grown. Now, it also features a video blog and The Queer Tango Conversation, a facebook group and The Queer Tango Image Archive, a website with pre-1995 queer tango photos.

Obscure Places [provisional title] – an art project which features triptychs from walkabouts in Denmark, Sweden, France and England. This project is a part of a greater body of work title ‘Nature hidden in plain sight’