© Birthe Havmøller

Artist Statement

Birthe Havmøller:
I am a visual artist and an independent editor of Feminine Moments, a queer feminist art blog. I have been exploring my creative language for more than 25 years. Photography is my favourite media, but I have also been working with other crafts: ceramics and paper cuts.

© Birthe HavmøllerI have been photographing my inner landscapes for many years, realising that every manifestation is but the starting point of a new journey, a new wish to see what is behind the next hill or perhaps in my case, what is behind the next forehead, as I am a usually too lazy to climb hills… but I do love beaches.

Beaches are magic inbetween-spaces between the sea and dry land. At low tide the beach is a wide stretch of land, at high tide it is narrow or is totally submerged under water. I aim to make works which are in contact with Nature. I see the landscape as a kind of external memory I can always connect with, or resume contact with. When I work with my camera, I turn the viewfinder into a big ‘Magic Mirror’ in which I look for a reflection of my inner landscapes. And I make my artworks, when I feel that I have found objects or spaces that reflect something hidden deep within my soul.

When I decided to dedicate my creative work to photography. Now, I am fusing light and carbon as I am creating digital fine art prints on my epson printer.

This page is an Archive. Go to www.havmoeller.info to read more about my latest art projects.